Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Relaunch

Why a relaunch?

The simple answer is, that I realized sometime back that I wasn't writing as often as I would like.

After thinking about it, I have decided to chalk that up to subject fatigue.  In the gaming genre there was already so much news and commentary that had existed where I ended up as just one more voice parroting tag lines and current trends.
When I first started writing the old blog I was working a, mostly, desk job that had me sitting in front of a computer from nearly 7am to 6pm.  This gave me lots to time to both work, and keep up with the current trends, ideas, and theorems from the gaming world.  I would use my small platform to draw attention to selections of what I read that I either agreed or disagreed with.  Over time my job changed and access to primary sources for these selections became less until finally I realized that I had not written anything in over a month, then two.

My initial experiment has left me with an even greater respect for the journalists, bloggers, and podcasters who get up everyday and find something new and shiny to write about on any subject. Though interesting, and even fun at times, it ultimately ended up not being right for me.

I have decided to remove the old stuff in favour of new stuff and relaunch with a less video-game, and more life, oriented focus.  There may still be some forays into the old media, but I intend for those to be rare.

Lets see where this takes us,

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